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The Greater Kandy Development Project (GKDP) that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe originally proposed in 2003 has gained a fresh lease of life with the news that Japan was willing to fund the project. The people of the Kandy area had high hopes in 2003 but have also not forgotten the fact that nothing tangible was done after the government changed in 2004. As our lead article in this issue of The Kandy News shows, hope has been revived. However, it is premature to celebrate. 

The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe “National Unity” (NU) government has spent the last fourteen months talking big about development. But there is not much action. There are two major reasons for this near paralysis. The first is the irrational and inefficient allocation of functions in the cabinet that makes multiple ministries responsible for the same activity creating infighting, delay and inaction. The NU administration alone is responsible for this situation.

The second is the severe fiscal crisis that the government is facing. The financial profligacy of the Rajapaksa administration is

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Developing “Greater Kandy”

By Palitha Elkaduwa and S W R de A Samarasinghe

Proposed Greater Kandy BoundariesProposed Greater Kandy BoundariesIn the last few months Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has publicly announced on more than one occasion his vision to develop the Greater Kandy region. This is something that the people of Kandy, the second largest city in the nation, has every right to expect when the government is launching a five-year $45b Megapolis development project centred on Colombo.

he idea of developing Greater Kandy is not new to Mr. Wickremesinghe. In March 2003 as prime minister he instructed the then Ministry of Central Region Development to come up with a proposal to expand the Kandy city limits as an essential first step to

Developing “Greater Kandy” Continued ...

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